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Current EventsItamar News Updates April 19th 2013

Itamar News Updates April 19th 2013

IMG_5166Memorial Day on Itamar when we remember our dear residents that were taken away from us before their time. It is in the merit of these great souls that we continue to grow and thrive in our homeland. The community held two memorial services. The first one took place in our new, still unfinished, synagogue with a very moving ceremony. A movie was shown to the community called “Rachel is crying over her children” where the mothers of those that lost their lives on Itamar shared memories of their beloved children. Another memorial service was held at the Itamar cemetery in the morning lead by the students of Itamar’s high school Chitzim. Students studied the lives of the fallen and gave their testimonies. IMG_5125

Itamar celebrated Independence Day which is also the birthday of our community as we were founded in 1984 on Israel Independence Day. The celebration was marked by our annual community dinner which takes place outside in our basketball court. The Itamar children preformed skits and other entertaining events like juggling etc. A beautiful display of fireworks was show as well to end the event. Special thanks to all our dear friends of Itamar for helping finance the event.

A group of Holland tourists visited Itamar this week and met with our dear residents Shimon and Sarah Barda. Shimon and Sarah have set up a perfume factory on Itamar back in 1993 and are trying to expand their sales abroad. Shimon addressed the group and explained how all his products are organic and natural made from plants grown in Israel. A special welcome to our dear friends Henk Poot and his daughter Shifrah IMG_5169who have been helping the High School here for years and participated in the tour as well.

The cucumber season begins again on Itamar! This week despite the cold weather the first cucumbers IMG_5183were picked in the Eidan hothouses. May it be a very fruitful season for our Itamar farmers.

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new lesson on the weekly portion.

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