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Current EventsItamar News Updates April 17th 2015

Itamar News Updates April 17th 2015

We want to take this opportunity to thank our dear friend Alan Hirsch – who deserves the title “The Big Daddy of Yehudah and Shomron”. Alan and his many supporters have been  helping for years over 1400 families throughout Judea and Samaria enjoy their Passover Holiday by providing  them with their basic holiday needs  – like Matzo, wine, meat and chicken and food coupons.IMG_0017 Let us bless Alan and “The Matzoh Fund”and all those who have been so kind to support this important cause. This should be in memory of Jerry Pasternak, zt”l who was poel beseter and a major contributor to the cause- may it be for many many merits!









Itamar enjoyed literally thousands of visitors who came to tour the community over the holiday. A special welcome to our dear friends Michael and Elana Fischberger, The Levine Family and David and Hannah Fischberger.P1020423












This week Holocaust Day was commemorated on Itamar with an amazing story of a holocaust survivor  IMG_3540 – Leah Eckstein. Leah came with her family to Itamar – it was great to see four generations – daughter, granddaughter, and great granddaughter in one room. Leah managed to saw a hole around the lock of her wagon train and jumped off the train while on the way to Auschwitz. An amazing story of survival and continuation!memorial flame


Enjoy the beautiful picture of an unusually large butterfly that visited Itamar this week.11131727_10200351067654733_476138350085873059_n[1]

Read Leah’s blog

Mazal Tov to Rami and Shoshy Odeser on the engagement of their daughter Michal.

Mazal Tov to Tihillah and Yitzchak Weiss on the birth of a son.

Mazal tov to Elishevah and Evyatar Buchnum on the birth of a daughter.

Mazal tov to Rity and David Shushan and Yitzchak and Sari chemo on the birth of grandchildren.

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s New Torah lesson for the week.

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