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Current EventsItamar News Updates April 15th 2016

Itamar News Updates April 15th 2016

We were happy to welcome this week a delegation from the Jewish Federation of Southwest Florida! The group was led by our dear friend Alan Isaacs. We also had a group from Australia that visited with us. This Passover we expect, as usual, to have thousands of Israeli visitors that will come to Itamar to experience the amazing breathtaking views and hiking paths.IMG_0095[1]IMG_0112[1]













Baruch Hashem the building and development of Itamar continues to blossom. We are moving full speed ahead on our nurseryIMG_0200[1] and have paved the new ballpark.
























Enjoy the picture of our longtime friends Moshe and Gila Palumbo IMG_1191from Washington State. Moshe and Gila have been standing with Itamar for many years. We want to bless them and wish them a happy holiday.








Enjoy some more pictures of spring flowers and a new season of organic scallions growing on Itamar.


















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