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Current EventsItamar News Updates April 12 2013

Itamar News Updates April 12 2013

Itamar welcomed the visit of Yehivat Lev Hatarohtree planting 2 from Ramat Beit Shemesh this week.  They planted trees and heard an inspiring message from Rabbi Avi Ronski former chief Rabbi of the Israeli army and head of Mishkan Ehud group mishkanYeshiva here on Itamar.

We welcomed Aaron and Hodayah HuhemAaron Hodayahwho came to visit the community. They had a fantastic time and enjoyed the beautiful panoramic view from one of Itamar’s look out points called Mitzpeh Matan. This site is named after Itamar’s first officer of the young generation that was killed when he jumped on a suicide bomber saving the lives of many civilians in the city of Ariel.

Thank G-d finally work on the Itamar water line for our hilltops is underway. For many years, we were losing tremendous amounts of water because of weak and exposed pipelines not to mention our hilltop neighborhoods that were suffering because of constant water shortages. It is certainly a challenge to pump water UP to farms while water naturally flows DOWN!

Mazal tov to Aviad and Shoshanah Bahrav chanukat bayiton the completion of their new home. They held the Mezuzah fixing ceremony this week, a big party it was! We bless them with only happiness and success with enjoyment in their new home.Chanukat bayit 2

Special thanks to Jessica Katz of Yad Leah from Passaic NJ and all those involved with her in this important mission for her amazing care and generosity for sending clothing for Itamar and its hilltop neighborhoods. This chesed drive has been going on for many years and we know that if begins with the donor of the clothing, the volunteers that go and collect, sort and send- all of this entailing lots of hard work. May Hashem give Jessica and all involved much shefa and nacahat from this awesome endeavor!

Next week Itamar celebrates its 29th birthday on Israel’s Independence day. We bless our community that may it continue to flourish and prosper in the heartland of Israel. We invite you all come and celebrate the fruition of prophecy in the land becoming redeemed and blessed- We take this opportunity to thank you for being a friend of Itamar!

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