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Itamar News Update

Today marks a year since the terrible massacre on Itamar which resulted in the brutal murders of Rabbi Udi and Ruty Fogel together with three of their children Yoav, Elad and Hadas.  A memorial service will be held on Itamar at 4:00 PM beginning at the Fogel home with a dedication of a Torah scroll that was written in their name. After the accustomed letter writing ceremony, a procession will take place from the Fogel home along the new Itamar road.  This road, which will also be inaugurated today, was made possible through the Israeli minister of transport, Yisrael Katz.  The procession will make its way to the dedication of Mishkan Ehud, the new Beit Medrash that was in built in their memory.

 I want to extend my personal invitation to all our dear friends of Itamar to come out and be part of this important memorial ceremony. Despite the terrible storm conditions outside, we are planning to carry on the procession as scheduled.  I want to personally thank all our friends who have stood behind my community in this difficult year. Without your support we would not have been able to do the important mitzvah of building the land of Israel.  Shalom from Itamar Israel Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith

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