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GeneralItamar News September 4th 2009

Itamar News September 4th 2009

September 4, 2009

Letter to friends
Dear Friends,

Rosh Hashanah is the day that commemorates the creation of the world and signifies the day G-D is crowned as king. It is a time for looking back and looking forward. It is a time for making choices. It is a time we reconnect with our past and look forward to our future.

Over the last years the friends of Itamar have connected with us through visits to our community, through parlor meetings, via our website: and have shared the essence of who we are and why we are here. The projects that we have accomplished were funded by kind donations from people like you that share with us the belief that the hills of the Shomron are the foundation of Jewish identity and an actualization of prophecies coming true. The great secret of renewal is the crowning principle of the see – saw of giving and receiving. This brings balance to the world and keeps it turning. Heaven gives to earth and we here on earth give back. This is the natural cycle of life bringing blessing to all the givers and receivers.

As the year becomes renewed, we thank you for being partners in the revival of a strong Jewish presence in the land of our forefathers. We want to thank you for your support and ask that you help us keep the dream alive

Shanah Tovah U’mitukah!
Have a happy and healthy New Year,

Sincerely yours,
Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith
Mayor of Itamar

1. Mazal Tov to Rabbi Moshe and Leah Goldsmith on the wedding of their daughter Michal this week to Alex Zuckerman. Michal and Alex have set up their new home on Itamar. We wish them tremendous happiness and success in all their endeavors. width= width=

2. Mazal Tov to the Gadot family on the birth of a boy! They should be blessed to see a lot on Nachat from their new son.

3. Mazal Tov to Rabbi Natan Chay and his wife Nurit on the birth of two grandchildren last week. Rabbi Natan the Rabbi of the community has three married children living on Itamar. Two of them celebrated the Britot(circumcisions) of their boys this week.

4. Itamar was happy to host a group from Holland this week. The leader of the group Meindert Leerling has brought a few groups, including political leaders, to Itamar over the last year. He is a strong supporter of Israel and a special friend of Itamar. width=

5. The Itamar children have returned to school this week! We wish all our children great success in their studies and happiness.

6. Read Leah’s new Torah thought for the week.

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