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GeneralItamar News October 17th 2008

Itamar News October 17th 2008

October 17, 2008

1. Mazal Tov to the Rakinati family on the Brit Milah of their eight day old son Aaron! Another important new addition to Itamar.

2. Itamar welcomes the family who came to spend a cholo moed day with us! Rabbi Herling HYD was murdered 7 years ago on Succot by terroristswho attacked a group of hikers near the alter of Joshua on Mt. Aval. Rabbi Herling was a very special friend of Itamar and was an instrumental source of spiritual inspiration for our community. Many of Itamar’s residents were students of Rabbi Herling. Rabbi Herling’s dream was to see the hills of Itamar filled with Jewish presence. G-d willing we will continue to fulfill his dream! Enjoy the picture of his family. A memorial service for Rabbi Herling will be held the day after Succoth in Kidumim at 10:30. width=

3. The Itamar families are enjoying the wonderful holiday of Succot! width=

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