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GeneralItamar News October 12th 2007

Itamar News October 12th 2007

 width=October 12, 2007

1) This past Shabbat Berayshit our community celebrated the completion of the first stage of our Bet Knesset at a communal sit down Siudat Shileesheet dinner which was held on the floor of the building. We would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Irving and Cherna Moskowitz for their generous help in this very important mission. Our goal is to be able to pray our New Year services of next year in the shul. In order for us to achieve this we need to raise around 850 thousand more dollars.  width=

2) The Itamar youth were very helpful in setting up for this event we want to thank them as well!

3) Ofer Head at a workshop with students from our high school Yeshivat Chitzim teaches them how to work with stained glass. Ofer has been given workshops for the last few years as he is specializing in the field. He has made some impressive pieces of art.

4) Aaron and Ayalah Giaan former residents of Kfar Darom in Gush Katif, made a special Siudat Hodayah(thanksgiving meal) at their new home on Itamar. Their Daughter Chanah who was born after the expulsion with a serious heart defect finally this week after open heart surgery and a lot of prayers is now functioning normally.  width=

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