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GeneralItamar News Ocober 9th 2009

Itamar News Ocober 9th 2009

October 9, 2009

1. This Succot Itamar had many visitors including Israelis and tourists from countries all over the world. Some came on organized tours from major organizations and others organized personal family trips. The Likud party activists organized a massive pilgrimage of around 10,000 visitors to the Shomron to express their solidarity with the communities of Yesha. Itamar had the privilege of hosting Likud activists Arik Ziv and Boaz Haetzni who brought with them twin sisters from America Lee and Lyn, lovers of Israel, who were the instrumental force behind this initiative. width=

2. Friends of Itamar welcomed with open arms the extended Blumenfeld family from Teaneck NJ that came to spend the day on Itamar and its surroundings. width=

3. Itamar had the honor of hosting Rabbi Elyakim Levanon the Rabbi of Elon Moreh who gave a very inspiring class on the holiday of Succot. width=

4. Itamar wants to personally thank the farmer group lead by Tom Waller from Tennessee that came to Israel and volunteered on the near by communities helping to harvest the Late summer and autumn crops. width=

5. Please read Rabbi Goldsmith’s Torah thought for the holiday.

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