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GeneralItamar News November 16th 2007

Itamar News November 16th 2007

 width=November 16, 2007

1) Itamar welcomes our dear friends Jack and Lynda SmithSchick from Oklahoma City. We are really enjoying their company.

2) Mazal Tov to the Bar Nitzan, Kinarti, and Ben Pinchas families on the birth of their sons.

3) Yaashar Koach to the Itamar youth on the wonderful performance on their plays Saturday night. Much love and effort went into working with the children. We are very proud of our older youth who did


a fantastic time in activating the younger groups.

4) A picture of an ancient oak tree on Har Kabir(near Elon More and Itamar) native to the Shomron. Pay attention to the width of the trunk.

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