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Current EventsItamar News – May 6th 2016

Itamar News – May 6th 2016


We again, were happy to welcome guests many this week. Boaz Haetzni, a dear friend and Moetzet Yesha activist and Erez Tzadok of Elquana brought Shevi and Tom Peters and their children and other friendsfrom NYC for an inspirational tour of the heart of Israel. When asking the kids how it felt here, the answer was- peaceful! We hope they can take that feeling back with them when they give their testimonies to their fellow classmates!IMG_0597[1]

Alan N. and Judy Grossman, IMG_0614[1]old friends who never get hunchback carrying Friends of Itamar near and far came to get a close up view of the Merav Vineyard on the Penini Farm. For those who don’t know Tomer and Meytal Penini- they have been effectively holding down the whole eastern area of Itamar in establishing their farm and cultivating the land in growing peonies, grapes and of course, herding sheep and living there. What has sprouted out of their efforts is boutique delicious wine- we encourage you to come see and taste the fruit of their labors!






Rivka and Nachum OzerskyIMG_0645[1] from Kew Gardens, Queens came to see all of Itamar and how is it has grown; their last time here was in 1999. They were blown away!










Enjoy the pictures of the beautiful flowers and strawberries !cid_6984359680BB4B0F99FEFB26B4C2CE46@moshe2



















Thursday we commemorated Holocaust Memorial Day- NEVER AGAIN!


Enjoy Rabbi Goldsmith’s torah lesson for this parsha.


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