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GeneralItamar News May 2nd 2008

Itamar News May 2nd 2008

May 2, 2008

1. Itamar held the final stage of the Bible Contest this week. Mazal Tov to the winners Eliyahu Mishulami, Rabbanit Rekenati, and Kinarti together with all the participants. Prizes will be given out next week on Itamar’s birthday – Israel Independence day during the community’s evening celebration. width= width=

2. This week we had the privilege of hosting a very special guest speaker on Itamar, Mordechai Pappirblatt. He was invited to our community on Holocaust day to tell us about his amazing survival story. Mordechai spent 900 days in the Auschwitz death camp. Among his many important messages is his living testimony that no obstacle can stand in the way of someone who has a true will to survive. My personal reaction after hearing him was that we must never complain again about anything and always be happy with our lot. No matter how difficult things can sometimes get, nothing can compare to the terrible nightmare of the Holocaust. Let us thank Hashem for the wonderful gift of life and not take one day for granted. width=

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