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Current EventsItamar News July 15th 2016

Itamar News July 15th 2016


Itamar expresses it condolences to the people of France and of course the families of the terror victims in Nice.

We pray that Europe will focus their energy in fighting against terrorism instead of condemning and boycotting Israel.

This week there is a major article in the Jerusalem Post about tourism in the Shomron. Our own Professor Shmuel Barak was featured in his winery, Yekev Arnon- here on Itamar. Enjoy some pictures we took with him yesterday when visiting with longtime friend of Itamar, Alan Nussbaum. IMG_1982[1]The cooling room for the barrels was a delicious place to be in July (in all realms)! Make sure you make this a stop when touring with us here.IMG_1985[1] IMG_1974[1]












Itamar was thrilled to have Yaakov Shwecky and Yonatan Raziel in a 2,000 people strong concert. We danced to the words of cheezook and had a spectacular show of solidarity from people that came from all over Israel. What a wonderful thing when we stand and sing -together in unity and happy times! We encourage people from Deal, Yaakov’s Shwecky’s home town and the Syrian community in NY/NJ to show also their solidarity and bond together with us here on Itamar. 13581997_1163163347038018_8780019376042954913_o 13603695_1182050355186440_2951371292025116027_o








Our summer activities are in full swing. Enjoy the pictures of fun with soap. IMG_1954[1] IMG_1956[1]















IMG_1971[1]What better place to be a chicken than on Itamar. Here we believe in letting our livestock have the freedom to roam around and graze on all natural feed. You taste their happiness in every egg.

Enjoy Leah’s Blog on Parshat Balak.

Shabbat Shalom!

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    Ribono Shel Olam May You Always Bless Itamar BaKol Mikol Kol The Heart of Am Israel!

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