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GeneralItamar News – January 6th 2012

Itamar News – January 6th 2012

1.       This week Itamar had two Britot (circumcisions) Mazal tov to Amichay and Yiscah Azulay and Mazal tov to Shilo and Hadas Ben Yitzchak. May they merit in many more happy events.  width=

2.       Yashar Koach to Ofer Head who has been doing an amazing job in running workshops for the Itamar youth. Ofer specializes in working with painted glass and makes beautiful objects that every home could use. Come and visit his studio on Itamar it is quite an experience.  width=

3.       Itamar is blessed not only in its beautiful surroundings but also in its ancient ruins dating way back to the second temple period. Enjoy the picture of an ancient home second temple period located on Itamar. width=

4.       One of the many amazing tourist attractions on Itamar is the Givot Olam farm of Avri and Sharonah Ran. For your enjoyment is a picture of a small synagogue that Avri built out of wood. The ark and Bimah are made of stones found in the area by Asaf Kidron, a renowned stone artist. We recommend you to visit this farm and see all the other amazing projects Asaf has done. In addition, Asaf has also built the ark in the Itamar high school Chitzim and is now working on an ark for the new Beit midrash, Mishkan Ehud, being built on Itamar in name of the Fogal family.  width=

5.       Thank G-D Itamar was blessed with a nice amount of rain this week and more is expected! Enjoy the picture of the sun and clouds and the new wild flowers that have blossomed this week.  width= width= width=






























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