Itamar News – January 4 2019

Israel is being blessed with much needed rain, changing the color of the landscape to green! Enjoy pictures of Itamar – Gem of the hills!

Friends of Itamar had a very emotional unveiling of a memorial wall made especially to commemorate the victims of terror attacks from Itamar. This massive mural of ceramic art was created, designed and painted by Hagar Zar, the widow of Chief of security of Samaria, Gilad Zar hy”d- zt”l. It includes the mosaic of all the names of our beloved ones and verses from the bible. Its representation of various themes of vitality illustrate for us the connect to the fallen and our mission here to continue building our Land. Enjoy the pictures! Sixteen years ago terrorist entered our high school, Chitzim and murdered three boys. Today we are, with Hashem’s awesome help along with government funding and matching needed funds from our donors, answering that tragedy by building a massive campus with brand new permanent buildings for dorms, classrooms, as well as other important rooms. Enjoy the pictures of the largest crane in Samaria! If someone would like to consider donating specifically to this cause please earmark this on your kind donation. We also have room dedications available as well! As usual we had guests here this week as we do every week no matter what is happening! Gary Greenberg, Elana Friedman and alan Nussbaum came to buy wine, ceramics and other boutique products here as well as enjoy the new pathways made by the Ministry of Antiquities here on Tel Chiya. We would like to encourage you to come as well! Please remember to contact us at our e.mail or through the website! A plethora of new winter crops are sprouting in our organic gardens here- enjoy the double blessing picture of strawberries at their finest!

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