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GeneralItamar News – January 14, 2011

Itamar News – January 14, 2011

1. This week two baby boys were born on Itamar on the same day and they weren’t twins! Mazal Tov to the Schneerson family and the Ben Pazi family on the birth of their new sons.

2. Last night terrorists infiltrated one of our hilltop neighborhoods and opened fire on soldiers doing guard duty. Thank G-D nobody was hurt. Unfortunately, the terrorists got away. Recently there has been an escalation of attempts to steal from and harm our hilltop neighborhoods. Just last week a herd of sheep and some cows were stolen from this same hilltop. With the quick reaction of our response team the herd almost in its entirety was returned to its owners.

3. Itamar welcomed the visit of Colonel Nimrod Aloni who is the head of the Shomron regiment. Colonel Aloni came to discuss security matters with the Itamar council and its security committee.


4. This coming Thursday is the holiday of T’u B’ishvat anyone that wants to be part of a tree planting ceremony can participate by buying a tree or attending in person. For those interested please contact us.

5. Read Leah’s new Torah thought for the week.

6.Watch Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith’s new lesson on the weekly portion. Rabbi Goldsmith focuses on Divine Retribution and measure for measure.

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