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Current EventsItamar News – Friday December 8 2017

Itamar News – Friday December 8 2017


MAZAL TOV to all lovers of Jerusalem and Israel- President Trump – we would like to say THANK YOU -from the bottom of our hearts for recognizing truth and the capital of Israel.

As we publish our news – Itamar is in high alert as Arab mobs are rioting along our fence – special thanks to the army who is in constant vigil 27/7 protecting our community. width=

Connect to the parshas of Yosef now – Enjoy the short clip of our dear soldiers at the resting place of Yosef HaTzaddik in Shechem this week.

The blueberries are flowering on our organic farms! A sure miracle and sign of a new crop grown and flourishing on the ancient stony hills here!  width=

Thank you donors for providing a computer projector for the use of our growing youth club!  width=

Chanukah is just around the corner- a good time to think about families that could use a special boost of light and love! One of Friends of Itamar’s important projects is helping families in need.  width=

As we approach the end of the fiscal year it’s important to voice something very critical. It has come to our attention over the years that there are many organizations raising funds in the name of Itamar- we would like to make it clear that Friends of Itamar runs out of Itamar by people who have been living here since its inception and experience the daily struggles of trials and hopes to build and grow. Please send your heart- warming donations through this 501C3- FRIENDS OF ITAMAR.

Enjoy Leah’s blog

Watch Rabbi Moshe’s Torah insights on the Parsha

Shabbat Shalom! Chanukah Sameyach!


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