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GeneralItamar News February 27th 2009

Itamar News February 27th 2009

February 27, 2009

1. Mazal Tov to The Cohen family on the marriage of their son Matanyah this week. The Cohen family is one of the founding families of our community back in 1984. width=

2. Yeshivat Chitzim gave out special candy packages and presents to children for Purim at the children’s hospital in the Tel Aviv Medical Center Ichilov. Yaashar Koach! width=

3. A beautiful Aron Kodesh was dedicated this week in the Bet Midrash of Chitzim. The stone work was done by Asaf Kidron of Itamar together with the children of the high school. This Ark is very special in that it is in memory of Harav Binyamin Herling HYD who was murdered on Mt. Aval on Succot 8 years ago.  width=See Link

4. Although the terrible drought this year thank G-D in the last three weeks in a row we have been hit with some nice storms here. Some trees were damaged but the mountains have turned green! This weekend as well we are expecting some nice stormy weather. Let us pray that the Kinneret and our underground reservoirs get filled up to the top. width=

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