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GeneralItamar News – February 11, 2011

Itamar News – February 11, 2011


1. Itamar welcomed the visit of Lester and Jeanette Goldsmith. Lester is the president of the Friends of Itamar. We want to thank them for being a tremendous force in helping the Itamar community over the years. May G-D bless them with good health, happiness, and Nachat from their family.

2. Special thanks to Jack and Linda Smithschick for sponsoring the Itamar’s mother’s day happening at the Ariel spa.


3. Itamar welcomed Victoria Hearst of Colorado who came on a visit with Sondra Barras from the CFOIC organization to tour Itamar.

4. Itamar welcomed a group of farmers from different parts of America and Canada who came with their leader Tommy Waller to visit the community. Tommy brings groups to Israel a few times a year to help out farmers in different communities in Judea and Samaria. This group is working in the near by community of Har Bracha pruning the grape vines.


5. Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s latest Torah lesson on the meaning behind the priestly garments.

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