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GeneralItamar News – Feb 4, 2011

Itamar News – Feb 4, 2011

1. Mazal Tov to Mishpachat Zak on the birth of a son this week. This Shabbat the brit milah will take place.

2. Mazal tov to the Cohen family on the marriage of their daughter Ayelet this week.

3. Mazal tov to the Melet family on the Bar Mitzvah of their son.


4. Itamar was happy to host a group from Kvutzat Yavna that came to tour our hill tops.

5. Yitzee Schwartz a Yeshivah University student majoring in history and doing a study of the Samaritans in the near by community on Har Gerizim was hosted by his family the Goldsmiths and had an opportunity to also experience the Jewish rebirth on the mountains of Itamar.


He also had an opportunity to help Mordechai Sadeh, an Itamar farmer, plant flowering bushes like lavender and rosemary for Sadeh’s new project in raising honey bees. Itamar is located on a huge land mass which allows for the planting of thousands of trees and bushes which is vital in getting a good yield of honey.



6. Read Leah’s new torah thought for the week about the home being a holy tabernacle.

7. See Rabbi Goldsmith’s new Torah lesson on the secret of Giving and receiving.



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