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GeneralItamar News December 5th 2008

Itamar News December 5th 2008

December 5, 2008

1. Mazal Tov to The Cohen family upon the engagement of their son Matanyah. We wish them tremendous happiness and success.

2. The Itamar youth held a play this week as part of their activities in the Itamar Bnei Akivah. width=

3. Please enjoy Leah’s Torah thought for the week.
Many of Leah’s Torah thoughts are based on the teachings of Harav Chaim Ezrah Hacohen Prachiyah known as the Hachalban. Every week on Tuesday evenings the Rav gives a class in Givatayim. Leah has been attending his classes for the last three years. Harav Chaim is a great cabbalist and is extremely modest. The greatest rabbis of Israel visit with him to receive his blessings. He is know for his tremendous spiritual powers and has literally brought about miracles. He dresses simply wears a cap and doesn’t have a beard. Enclosed is a picture of him. width=

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