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GeneralItamar News – December 23, 2011

Itamar News – December 23, 2011

1. Mazal tov to Shmuel and GalitRekanati on the birth of a daughter this week.

2. This week Itamar is having a community Chanukah hike to Givat Aryeh our new neighborhood that was recently destroyed by our government when they demolished a small synagogue and a house. The government’s claim is that is its illegal to build outside our city boundaries. Nevertheless, our response is that we will not give into terrorism. This neighborhood was built as a reaction to the terrible massacre against the Fogals back in March. The land is government land. There is no doubt that it is providing security for our town and we must make sure this neighborhood stays where it is. The nightmare is that we had a new camera set up on the neighborhood to provide security for the entire area. The demolition squad felt that it was appropriate to destroy our camera infrastructure as well thus putting our camera system out of commission. The army is not ready to pay for the camera’s reinstallation unless we retreat from the hill. This hike is meant to show solidarity with our dear pioneer residents that are sleeping in tents on the hill to protect our community and provide a Zionistic response to terrorism. All those who want to come and join us in this important hike are invited. It will take place this coming Tuesday at 10:30 in the morning on the seventh day of Chanukah. We will be leaving from the ballpark near the Yeshiva Givohah.

3. We would like to extend a special thank you to Jessica Katz from Yad Leah on the amazing clothing drive that was held on Itamar this week. Jessica has been for the last few years providing clothing for adults, teens and children to our community Words cannot say enough for this huge chesed- also connecting our brothers in the USA with us. YasharKoach!!

4. The Itamar Yeshivah High School Chitzim did a great mitzvah the first night of Chanukah they went to the Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv and lit candles with the sick and gave them Chanukah Sufganyot (donuts). They made them very happy by dancing and singing it was an amazing experience. They also heard a short lecture about the holocaust from YosiPeled who today serves as a minister in the Israeli government.

5. Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new lesson on the weekly portion where he compares the different dreams that were mentioned in the last few portions and connects it to Joseph Chanukah.

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