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GeneralItamar News December 12th 2008

Itamar News December 12th 2008

December 12, 2008

1. Itamar wants to thank Jessica Katz again for sending another shipment of clothes this week for Itamar and other communities in Israel as well. This special Chesed project has literally been saving families who can’t afford to buy new clothes for their children. It is a tremendous help and we are so grateful to Jessica and all those other dear people from Passaic NJ and surrounding communities who are involved in this special project. May G-D bless them all with good health, happiness, and success in all their endeavors! width=

2. As we approach Chanukah which is always a special time of Tzeddakh Friends of Itamar has a special request to all of its friends – anyone who can find the way to help out we would greatly appreciate it.

3. Please read Leah’s new Torah thought for Shabbat.

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