Itamar News Dec 26th 2008

December 26, 2008

1. Itamar is very grateful to Hashem for the rain that fell this week. Out of all places in Israel our area was blessed with the highest rainfall – 80ml in two days! This is no doubt connected to the fact that this week we continue to read about Yosef Hatzaddik. It is Yosef who received the special blessing of being able to bring down abundance to the land.

2. Itamar wants to thank Brian and Marguerite Dellaca for sending .winter hats from Australia for our children. They came in handy with the very cold weather that has hit us this week.

3. Mazal Tov to Yichezkal and Hedy Nuemma on the birth of their son. Yesterday they celebrated the Brit in their new Chabbad center and home that they are building on our hilltops.

4. Please read the new Torah thought of the week by Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith.

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