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GeneralItamar News April 4th 2008

Itamar News April 4th 2008

April 4, 2008

Three girls were born on Itamar this week all from the same hilltop called Givat Arnon over looking the Jordan valley! Mazal Tov to The Tuaf, Segal, and Recheli families. Enjoy the picture of the green pasture surrounding the hilltop. width= width=

Two Itamar miracles occurred this week. The first happened with the principal of our Yeshiva high school. Rabbi Erez was waiting for a ride along highway 60 across the Shilo Junction together with a young teenager. Suddenly a terrorist with a long knife attacked the young teenager. The Rabbi who is a very gentle man reacted quickly and succeeded in saving the boy by shooting the assailant.

The second miracle occurred on Tuesday night when a fire broke out in a house of one of Itamar’s residents. The community responded very quickly and was able to put the fire out. Thank G-D the children and the parents who were sleeping at the time all got out of the house. The father and three children who were hospitalized with smoke inhalation came home yesterday; one child is still in the hospital with light burn injuries. The house was damaged and the family will be living for the time being in temporary housing. Thank G-D the insurance will cover the damage to the house. Unfortunately, it does not cover the damage to personal possessions like furniture, clothes, books, and electric appliances. The family lives very modestly and doesn’t have the financial means to cover the damage. (Estimated damage around five thousand dollars) Anyone wishing to help out can send a donation to friends of Itamar and have the check earmarked fire damage.

Itamar sends a special thanks to Jessica Katz for three consecutive years of clothing distribution for our community and other communities as well. This week a big delivery of clothes came and was given out. The families were so appreciative. It also came at the perfect time for helping the family with the fire since most of their clothes were damaged. width=

Itamar welcomed this week a bus load of forty South Africans that came to experience our beautiful community and show us their solidarity.

Itamar resident Rachel Ginsberg designs and sells Hebrew T-shirts anyone interested can visit her site at Her latest design – don’t assimilate illuminate is displayed here with the beautiful Itamar background.

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