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GeneralItamar News April 19th 2009

Itamar News April 19th 2009

April 19, 2009

1. The blessing over the sun was an unbelievable spiritual experience here on Itamar; please enjoy the enclosed picture. width=

2. Pesach was so special this year! We began our 25th birthday celebration with a beautiful event on Chol Hamoed where thousands came from all over Israel to visit our community. There were guided tours to our hilltops, rides for children, a petting zoo and a fair where the artists of Itamar sold their wares. width=

3. Mazal Tov the Alon and Rachel Zimmerman who celebrated the brit milah of their tenth child on Pesach. Alon and Rachel have three grandchildren! They are one of the founding families of our community and are the first to begin organic farming on Itamar. width=

4. Please enjoy Leah’s new Torah thought for the week.

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