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Current EventsItamar New Updates Oct 8th 2014

Itamar New Updates Oct 8th 2014

We want to wish all our dear friends of Itamar a Chag Sameach! We are so happy to announce that Itamar continues to grow and blossom. This coming Sunday day a long awaited event is G-d willing due to take place –the inauguration for our permanent synagogue. Again we want to thank all those who have been helping the Friends of Itamar promote its important projects right here in the heartland of Israel!IMG-20141008-WA0050

This coming Friday at 10:00IMG_0895 the inauguration of the Iris Hashomron Spring named after Lester Goldmith Z”L the founder of Friends of Itamar will take place. This was specially planned for Chol Hamoed Sucoth in order to allow the thousands of expected visitors to enjoy the new attraction. Anyone interested in being part of this project can still donate towards it.

This is a good opportunity to remind all of our dear friends that this a wonderful place to come and picnic, have a tiyul and now- go for a dip. The rural organic panorama is unique as it is not too high up, but actually surrounded by mountains and hills at a nice elevation. Furthermore, the main biblical sites that founded our story of a nation in a Land that date back to Abraham Isaac and Jacob Josef Gideon and the list goes on all happened right here!

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