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Current EventsItamar New Updates July 20th 2018

Itamar New Updates July 20th 2018

We have begun a Friends of Itamar summer campaign. We ask you all to please read this letter carefully! See Rabbi Goldsmith’s video about the campaign.

Friends of Itamar Summer campaign


Dearest friends, as a non-profit organization, we are working very hard to increase the volume of our donations. The more funds we can raise the more we can achieve objectives for the Friends of Itamar. Our major goal is to turn Itamar into an important city in the heartland of Israel. It goes without saying that we greatly appreciate all of you – our amazing friends that have been supporting Friends of Itamar over the years. In your merit we have done so much to strengthen the community of Itamar!!! We have been able to save lives with important security projects, build playgrounds, build a permanent synagogue, plant gardens, strengthen our educational institutions, assist our youth and children, help our farmers, assist families in need and the list goes on…. Although so much has been done – we can do a lot more! This summer we have begun a campaign where we hope to expand our monthly donations. We need each and every one of our friends to take part in this campaign in order for this to work. We want to suggest a few simple ways of helping that will not be a burden on your part but it can make a huge difference for us. Please read the following list carefully.

Option 1: A friend brings a friend. If you are already a contributor -we ask you to reach out to another friend of yours and tell him about Friends of Itamar. Getting more supporters on board will make a world of difference for us!  width=

Option 2: Signing up for a monthly donation on our website – see link . It just takes a few minutes to go to our website and sign up – we provide pay pal or credit card donation options. We are aware that many of you are already helping other important causes, nevertheless, we ask you to put us on your list of tithing. Of course, any donation is welcomed at any time. Checks can be mailed as well.

Option 3: Those of you who shop on Amazon you can sign up for the Amazon Smile giving program where a half of a percent of all your purchases will go to the charity of your choice. This doesn’t cost you anything but allows Amazon to help. Since many of you shop on Amazon, all you have to do is set up your account with them that states you choose Friends of Itamar   – non-profit number 20-8494134 – as the charity of your choice. All you have to do is go to this link. and sign up once. A little effort can make a big difference.

Option 4: there is a program called caring cent see link. When one makes a purchase for example for 94.30 dollars on his credit card. Caring cent rounds it off to 95.00 dollars and 70 cents will be donated to the charity of your choice from your credit card. You can limit the amount you want to be deducted per month. See link and sign up at –

Option 5: Speaking engagements – it is so important to spread the word about Friends of Itamar and its mission – the best way is to address groups that are interested in hearing about itamar and the heartland. Anyone interested in helping set up speaking tours please contact us.

Option 6: Those of you who have more time and are interested in volunteering for our organization please contact us.

Please help us

Read Leah’s blog

We want to wish all our dear friends a meaningful fast – watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s lesson on this week’s portion where he touches upon the rectification of the land. width=







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