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Holiday Blessings From Itamar

As we are about to begin the holiday of Succoth, a time where family and friends join together to celebrate and rejoice, I want to take this opportunity to send you blessings from Itamar in the heartland of Israel situated in the very place where the history of Israel began with Abraham’s setting up tent here thousands of years ago. We’ve just experienced the renewal and awe of the yamim hanoraim- the high holidays- and asking Hashem for it to be a year of health, happiness, success and peace. Now we enter the beautiful booths to enjoy our finding grace with Hashem and celebrate in the beauty and special ambience that only this holiday can give.

It is times like these that we especially want to invite you into the sukkah and share with us the joy of saying “Shehechiyanu Vekeeymanu Veheegeeanu lazman hazeh!” (We want to thank Hashem that has allowed us to live and be sustained and to reach this moment) It goes without saying that it is in your zechut (merit) and that your involvement has had a tremendous affect and impact on the growth and prosperity of our community. Thanks to you, Itamar has become a beautiful place and continues to develop every day. We treasure your help and loving support as it helps us contend with the constant challenges that face us at this crucial time in history. With your continued friendship we will no doubt succeed in building our precious homeland.

May the blessing of Abraham be upon you   – “Those who bless you – will be blessed”!

Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith

Friends of Itamar

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