Happy Pesach From Friends of Itamar Itamar New Synagoge in full swing

News Flash- Happy Pesach- Itamar Synagoge in full swing! What better time than to recall the passuk: “You mountains of Israel will give forth your branches and bear fruit for my people” (Ezekiel 36:8) We have been blessed to see this prophesy come true; the Spring of Nissan in the heart of Israel is truly a breathtaking and beautiful thing to witness. The Friends of Itamar would like to wish all of the wonderful people who have been helping in the various projects here in the heart of Israel on Itamar a very healthy and happy Passover. We welcome you to come and visit and see for yourselves the incredible infrastructure put in in the last years in new parks, public buildings, roads, gardening, a professional staff activating our youth and the list goes on. Your partnership in our mission is of paramount importance in helping us continue in our critical work of building the Land and keeping it. As you know the infrastructure for our new Beit Knesset has been laid down. The time has come to go full speed ahead and set up this facility which will also serve as the Simcha Center for Itamar and commemorate the memory of all the terror victims that lost their lives here on Itamar. Anyone who would like to speak with us about ideas about how to generate assistance for this most needed project feel free to contact us- Bebirkat haaretz Hatova!

With love and blessings, Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith

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