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Fogel Family Memorial 12 Years

Today we commemorate the twelve year memorial of the Fogel Family that were brutely massacred in their home on Friday night in Itamar. Today two more precious souls Hillel Menachem and and Yagel Yaakov Yaniv HYD from our neighboring community Har Bracha were laid to rest when they were brutally murdered in a nearby village. In their name we will continue to grow, build, and develop our precious homeland. “For Zion’s sake we will not remain silent!”


  • Niels

    AMEN! 🌹🌹🌹

  • Nechama

    Yes I remember the Fogels. I was devastated by what happened. And yes I know HaShem took them ALL as korbanos but it was very difficult to see. And the two brothers also korbanos. Mashiach must be very very near. Soon! HaShem, soon! Thank you for letting us remember. I hope the 400 melachim that avenged their vicious and barbaric murder has stunned the terrorists and all Arabs. No more! We should show our strength each time they murder a Jew!!

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