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All Torah TeachingsDear Friends of Itamar – Parashat Mishpatim

Dear Friends of Itamar – Parashat Mishpatim

How are you? I want to thank you for your devotion and dedication to Friends of Itamar. It is so treasured and precious to us having such special friends who care so much. There are no words to truly express our appreciation.


I am sure that you have heard about the severe tension in Israel these days on two fronts: over the rise in terrorism and the other hand over the political situation. I thought that by sharing with you some of my thoughts and feelings may help clarify things.


Living in Israel for 38 years, I can tell you that we have never experienced such a situation here. As the new democratically elected majority government wishes to implement important reforms for the benefit of the country, especially changes to the present judicial system, the left wing has gone on a rampage to try and prevent this from happening. They have not accepted the fact that they lost the elections and that the new elected government has the democratic right in fulfilling their promises to their voters. The left will stop at nothing to try and achieve their goals. They cynically claim that making a reform will be an end to democracy. When in reality there is nothing more anti-democratic than the current Judicial system.


The major problem with the present supreme court of Israel is that the judges virtually choose themselves. This has always been the case and therefore the judges have been cloning themselves from time immemorial.  Although the country is by far a right-wing conservative majority, nevertheless the judicial power is deemed by many as a left wing progressive liberal atheistic oligarchy. The have taken the liberty of nullifying decisions made by the Israeli parliament on reasons that are not legally based but instead are based on what they call not acceptable in their eyes. This has prevented governments of Israel over the years from properly ruling the country. Some examples: Instead of the supreme court ruling in favor of the victims of terror, in many instances they seem more concerned about protecting the rights of the terrorists. They overruled a governmental decision to solve the illegal immigration problem which is wreaking havoc in southern Tel Aviv. They recently outlawed the government’s appointment of the minister of health and the interior. They have been trespassing into and tampering with territory that should not at all be in their jurisdiction. Although the supreme court should not meddle at all in politics, the head of the court has outwardly taken a stand against the reform in the so-called name of democracy. In reality, she wants to maintain the dictatorship that the court has been enjoying for years.


The time has come to begin to correct some of the follies that have been plaguing the modern state of Israel since its inception in 1948. Unfortunately, the left-wing opposition leadership together with the left-wing media has been taking advantage of the attempt to make a reform and are cynically using the situation to rile up the masses into demonstrations and threatening with civil disobedience and even some have been inciting to civil war.


As the Jewish nation is divided more than ever before, the enemies of Israel have begun a third intifada murdering innocent men, women and children. Just in the last two weeks eleven Israelis have been murdered in terror attacks including 6- and 8-year-old boys.  The roads leading in and out of our community Itamar and other places in Judea and Samaria have become very dangerous again with rock throwing and shooting attacks.


As we list the problems going on In Israel, I can’t skip over the terrible crime in the southern part of Israel where the Bedouins are totally out of control.  Many are terrorizing law abiding civilians by steeling, reckless driving, raping, illegal use of firearms, and other criminal activity. The burning down of businesses unless protection payment demands are met and mafia shootings on an everyday basis are tormenting the Arab cities in the center and north of the country.


The present government is trying to rectify the situation and that is why a reform is so necessary. This is what the majority of the people of Israel want. The only way to achieve this is by restoring the authority and governance to the Israeli government that has been weakened greatly by the supreme court of Israel.


During this hour of crisis, it is important to remember that unity and brotherhood are of utmost importance. On one hand we must be firm when it comes standing up for truth and justice but be must never allow hatred and disunity to prevail. A successful Israel is a united Israel.


I want to thank you again for your incredible display of kindness, brotherhood, and love for Itamar that never tires or grows weary. It goes without saying that boots on the ground are what determines the next stage in building this land. Your enthusiasm and generosity to us are making this happen.


G-d bless you!


Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith

Itamar Israel



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