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Chanukah Letter

Dearest Friends, ,

Chanukah. It’s the holiday of light might and family gatherings, a time that illuminates into every heart, strengthening our faith in the victory of the pure and spiritual in times of darkness. Chanukah comes at the darkest time of the year, the time the sun sets the earliest and rises the latest. Night -time time, which is likened to our long exile. It is during this time that Hashem reveals a hidden light personified in a small jug of pure oil. That small jug provided the light that ignited into the return of sovereignty over Israel. Here on Itamar we are gathering in the olive harvest, just in time to prepare oil for the festival. Our collective memories take us back to Temple times when the oil was brought from HERE! FRIENDS OF ITAMAR, our 501c3 have been enabling restoration to the precious legacy of this vital inheritance assuring securing it and developing it. These are truly miraculous times! We want to thank you for feeling the conviction to help us and to partner in our crucial mission here holding down the heart of Israel. We turn to you at this time as we complete the fiscal year to continue to support our many projects so vital for our survival. May the light, might and joy of this festival season bless you with a beautiful winter season and may His countenance shine upon you always!

Blessings from Itamar Israel,

Happy Chanukah!!!!

Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith

DONATIONS: Please make out your tax-deductible checks to the Friends of Itamar and mail them to: Friends of Itamar, Attn: Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith, 1483 East 34th Street, Brooklyn NY 11234

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