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HanukahAnswers to Chanukah Quiz from last week

Answers to Chanukah Quiz from last week

Answers to chanukah quiz

1-      His brother Yonatan

2-      Adjacent to the candles but differenciated from the rest of the candles

3-      Yes

4-      Yes

5-      When it begins of Chanukah

6-      No

7-      Burnt

8-      This is what was used in the Temple service

9-      No

10-   His friend will bless for him and he will join

11-   He will light one candle for Shabbat and one for Chanukah

12-   The Greek that wanted to sacrifice a pig on the altar

13-   Parshat Mikeytz

14-   Because they are fried in oil- remembering the miracle of oil

15-   The Second Temple

16-   8 candles halcha le beit Hillel

17-   He has no tashloomim and the next night should light like everyone

18-   Yes

19-   Mizmor Shir Lechanukat HaBayit leDavid

20-   Yes

21-   Judah HaMaccabbee – his son

22-   For one day only

23-   From left to right

24-   No

25-   At the end of Chanukah candles

26-   Giving charity

27-   Yes

28-   Seven

29-   No because you cannot enjoy their light in that way

30-   The daughter of Yochanan the High Priest

31-   Hachodesh

32-   Bet or gimmel tevet

33-   Yes

34-   Yes

35-   2 shitot- sunset or when the stars come out

36-   Chanukah and Purim

37-   Yes

38-   The hellenists

39-   Chanukah candles

40-   Havdalah

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