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Announcement of Mourning and Shock

With great pain, sorrow, and shock we mourn the brutal murder of Itamar’s high school graduate Eitam and his wife Na’amah Henkin HYD. They were ambushed right outside Itamar in eyesight to Yeshivat chitzim, the high school where Eitam studied for four years. This precious couple were the perfect example of what it is to build a family on the highest level of holiness. We pray to Hashem that their children will find the inner strength to overcome this nightmare. We want to express our condolences to the family of Eitam and Naamah and their community Neria of Benyamin. Friends of Itamar will respond by continuing to develop, secure and strengthen the community of Itamar.1986880-18


  • havivah goldsmith

    why why why???? since the gush katif expulsion the arabs y's have been getting getting getting time to stop calling them palestinians there is no palestine!!! they are pashut arabs and nothing more no matter where they come from out to destroy us as bibi said yesterday the world is again silent re Iran like it was during WW2 Tanchumim to the families of the kedoshim May Hashem have rachmanut on the children and may they grow to be healthy and strong in the face of adversity

  • Sara Lejderman

    Heartbreaking. Infuriating.

  • Craig doll

    Prayers to their family and all of Itamar.

  • Eddie Ortiz

    My heart feels so heavy for Gods people. I am so sorry for your lost and the pain you must be feeling. I will get my family together soon a find a way of helping you more.

  • Kenny Morris

    God bless & comfort.

  • Evelyn Hayes

    "Not by Rachel's Tears Alone". Is the theme of our 21st commemoration of the Yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu. on October 25 2015. Too many times we cry, try to hug away the shock. We must be proactive, pray, teach defense, defend our country and not be lenient to evil, the plague of hate. Outlaws break the laws when not punished or released from punishment. We are dealing with a plague. Plagues are not negotiable . They must be contained from the sources, Abbas is the source of this intifada aka murder. By not prosecuting him evil is spreading. All military and plice must carry guns at all times and armed guards and personnel mus man our schools, shuls, public places. Arming the PLO is arming those incited and inciting to kill, Criminals guarding the innocent is causing plagues. Illogical acts boomerangs. This loss did not have to be. . .

  • Lydia Parra

    Our Father, Our King. Have mercy upon us. Restore hope and shalom to thus family and community. It's senseless and painful. Soothe the hearts of all involved. Hear our cry Hashem.....

  • Ed

    I am so so sad to hear of this tragic loss. May HaShem grant comfort to the children and to all the families that were connected to these wonderful people. We love you all dearly. - Ed& Chavah

  • Ed

    We are so so sad to hear of this tragedy. May HaShem grant comfort to the children and to all of the families that are directly / indirectly impacted by this cowardly act. We love you all and will continue to pray for you daily. - Ed & Chavah

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