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About UsA small taste of what we are going through

A small taste of what we are going through

Dear Jonah, Thank you for your continued concern. Itamar, as I’m sure you are aware, has been going through a very difficult time. A little less than two weeks ago, we lost another special member of our settlement. He was shot right outside our settlement on the way home from work. I can’t express in words the difficulties the settlement is going through. People that work outside the settlement have extreme difficulty in getting to work. We mustn’t let the terrorists succeed in keeping us off the roads and interrupting our daily lives. Let me relate to you a small incident, which occurred this morning that may help you understand a little more about our situation. This morning I went to the porch to get my reserve jug of gasoline. It just disappeared. I discussed the problem with my wife. I told her I have no choice but to drive out to Ariel and fill up the gas tank. She stared into my eyes and said “Dear husband you are not going anywhere”. I guess I have no choice but to start digging in my back yard, maybe I’ll discover an oil field. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this is a joking matter. But, if you don’t keep your spirit up with a little sense of humor you can go mad. Your idea of purchasing a bulletproof van is wonderful. Even simple errands become major tasks if you can’t get to town to take care of them. A bulletproof van would solve many of these problems. One possibility would be to arrange a shuttle system where a few times a day the van would make trips to Ariel. [Ariel is the closest city to Itamar it is about a 25 minute drive west of us].I have no doubt that in years to come the future generations of Israel will look back at this historical period and will honor the memory of the settlers and their supporters that saved our Promised Land. Thank you for being there for us. Have a happy and healthy New Year! May G-d merit us in witnessing the elimination of all evil forces and the building of our third Temple. Sincerely yours, Moshe from Itamar

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