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Special Pesach Message Friends of Itamar


A letter to all our dear friends of Itamar – the meaning of The Seder – or order -on Pesach and how it applies to the turmoil in the world and of 2013

The entire process of exile and redemption is ordered and planned by G-d. If one knows this, it can bring about a transformation from personal slavery in our everyday lives to morphing into complete freedom in knowing indeed that Hashem rules the world and has a Divine SEDER (order) planned for the Jewish people and the world. Although Hashem could have made a perfect world from the start, it clearly states in the book of Genesis that “the earth was null and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” This describes the world as a topsy- turvey place, disjunct and in disarray.

But Hashem had a plan. Things were fixed and placed, as He passed judgment and enforced influence over His creations. The next verse brings this into play as the passuk continues: “And G-d said, let there be light! And there was light!” The festival of Pesach, even before the SEDER, is brought in by lighting the candles, by shining a light on to a new reality – into a room that was completely turned over and taken apart from the standard order and turned upside down only to be finally made perfectly clean orderly and  kosher for Pesach. Peace and order begin to take form as the candles we light pave the way for a tranquil illumination as the setting for our SEDER table and festival. We usher Pesach in with light.

There is no other nation that knows chaos than the Jewish people who were chosen to be a light unto the nations from time immemorial. Am Yisrael have experienced the crux of turmoil in every form, on their flesh and on their spirit – to this very day. As these words are being written there are world leaders who come today and ask to forfeit G-d’s Land and, its very heart and soul, the core of our ancestral Land. But there are those who have been placed and fixed to stand with G-d’s will and rectify the world by bringing SEDER to it. The nations witness Israel’s return to her Land and now decide if they want to walk with G-d’s plan in the continuity of time and how His will is fixed and placed precisely according to the timetable of redemption. What is happening today is no mere chain of events or coincidences but an implied series of events- according to a SEDER, the way to final redemption as only Divine Providence will have it. One can read all about these days we live in in the prophets written thousands of years ago.

The Friends of Itamar would like to bless all of you who have been placed and fixed to stand by our side at this great moment in history, during a time that we have left exile (but not completely) and are in the motions of redemption. It is a chaotic time, anything can happen which is why we need your help more than ever . We call on you at this time to extend a hand of support to your brothers and sisters on Itamar who are holding the lantern on the top of the mountain and shouting “Let there be light!”

Some of our current projects include: Completing our permanent Beit Knesset, if we receive the proper funds we can finish it in 4 months- assistance for the schools and children, town infrastructure, setting up an Itamar park of biblical botanical gardens, and the list goes on………….

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Happy Passover, Chodesh Tov and Chag Kasher Ve’sameyach!

Leah Goldsmith

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