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Rosh Hashana Recipe

Rosh Hashana 2008– I’m sure you’re already racking your brains out trying to figure out what to make for the chag. I know I am. Well, we start with the simanim (symbols). So let’s do the rundown – leeks, dates, pomegranates, carrots, string beans, beets and we added recently watermelon. You have honey and sweet challah on the table and oh yeah, the fish head (maybe some of you have clothespins on your noses). This year I want to do something different. I have a Yemenite cookbook written by Zion Levi and Hani Agrabria and will share one of their recipes with you – Stuffed potatoes, but first a cute story about cooking for our husbands: There was once a wife whose husband loved stuffed cabbage. It was so much his favorite meal that he could eat it every day. But he had the horrible habit of saying each day after every meal: “It’s good but not as good as my mother’s”. Disheartened, his wife didn’t know what to do! One morning she prepared her specialty. She left it to cook and went out of the house to talk to her neighbors. She completely forgot about the cabbage cooking on the fire (the gossip was good). When she returned to the kitchen she smelled something burning. What could she do now? She had no choice but to serve the burnt cabbage and hope he wouldn’t be angry. When he came home to eat his dinner she was very apprehensive. He proceeded to clean his plate and instead of being disgusted he said, “How delicious! It tastes exactly how my mother used to make it!” Stuffed potatoes Peel and core 10 large potatoes In a skillet, sautי onions until golden brown then add chopped meat Add the spices you like and cook till it’s brown Cool the mixture Preheat oven to 375 F Stuff the potatoes with the mixture (tightly) and place in greased pan- bake for 45 minutes Before you are ready to take them out, you can pour more gravy over them.(I think rice would be a nice thing to serve with this dish) Chag Samayach!!!!

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