Passover Update


IMG_9560Shalom to our dearest friends of Itamar! We hope you are all enjoying the amazing Pesach holiday. Here on Itamar we are having a fantastic celebration with thousands of visitors touring our community from all over Israel. Cholo Moed has always been a time where friends and supporters from all over Israel and the world want to show their solidarity with the pioneers of Judea and Samaria. Unfortunately, the holiday spirit was saddened when we received word of the horrific terror attack against the Mizrachi family in southern Hebron. Let us all have the widow Hadassah and her family in our prayers – May Hashem give them strength to cope with their tragedy. It is the goal of Israel’s enemies to try to ruin our happiness. The security situation has taken a turn for the worse lately with trouble throughout Judea and Samaria not to mention what is happening on the temple mount in Jerusalem. Nevertheless, we continue to grow and thrive despite the adversity; we must continue to be strong and focus on our important goals of building the land! There is also so so much to be thankful for! We want to wish you all a continued holiday of joy and happiness!  Please come and visit us here on Itamar. Enjoy the spring flowers blossoming and the peacock on our community. IMG_9573


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