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New Year Letter From Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith

Dear Friends of Itamar,


The highlight of the Rosh Hashana prayers has us beseeching: “Inscribe us in the book of life… grant us life which we will use for Your sake, torah and good deeds.” There are challenges facing all of our lives today. We read about them on the front page of any newspaper. If EVER we have come to a time so defining in the message of life and blessing- or G-d forbid- death and destruction – it is staring us in the face today. If there was EVER a time demanding us to reaffirm our roots in the soil of the heartland – it is now!

Right here on Itamar, at the top of the mountain we feel enthusiastic about the New Year about to approach us because of our alliance with you, which shares the mission of building and fortifying the development of this vital area of the Land of our forefathers. Through your generous support, we have been able to take action in greening the land, improving infrastructure as well as educate future generations in actualizing the vision of redeeming the Land.

As visionaries you have been adopting and funding our key projects and granting new life for Hashem’s sake, the torah’s sake and for the sake of the Land.  I have no doubt that your devotion to Itamar inspired by pure love and kindness will tip the scale for all of us with a blessing of a sweet and special New Year!

Together, the work we are doing here on Itamar will have a profound effect on the future. We turn to you at this time to make a request to repeat your kindness and enthusiasm by contributing to our vital cause.

Blessing you with a Shana Tova U’metukah!

PS If you have not signed up for our newsletter –  please do !

Thank you Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith

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