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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog Tom Haatzmaut 2022 – Israel Independence day

Leah’s Blog Tom Haatzmaut 2022 – Israel Independence day

Yom Haatzmaut – The truth about God

A wall of sound pierces the hem of the Kotel as the siren wails into the night. The sky is black and the dim lights of the mosque overhead seems dormant and still , yet The Wall seems to almost fall forward. Beyond it, all through Ramadan, cries of “Kill the Jews” and vandalism shook the very foundations of this place, where our forefathers came to receive Preistly Blessings. The world was created from the rock here, Moriah was destined to recreate the state of the Garden of Eden, elevating mankind, and giving us a chance to overcome evil. But evil is intermingled here now- the struggle bares down on the wall. We should be singing, “The whole earth is filled with His glory” but we are dodging rocks hurled. Who is breaking glass, throwing bars, wrecking and ranting? Now it is still, at least for this moment that we remember our victims of terror, sacrifices offered on the cruel alter. Surreal, the silence that follows the siren. It was just last week the siren screamed for the victims of the holocaust. The Nazis laughed, “Where is your God, Jew”. Now we stand with our army at the Kotel as the new beast of evil looks just over the wall. From blood to birth, from blood to birth בדמייך חיי בדמייך חיי.-Ezekiel 15/6- “And when I passed by you and saw you wallowing in your blood, I said to you- in your blood-live! I made you flourish like a plant of the field, you grew and became tall- I entered a covenant with you, declares the Lord God, and you became mine.” Freedom of worship in a modern superpower should also be given to its inhabitants and if CNN doesn’t like it, we are now strong enough to be a beacon of truth and have pride in our heritage and tradition and declare it. It can only fix the world. Our father Abraham spent his life seeking the truth. He realized he could not live a life of truth while allowing others to be ignorant of it. We are now a great and mighty nation as promised to him, against all the odds- Hashem did this for us! There is no greater proof of God than the state of Israel! We have a task in this world- to restore Eden! All of us who hold Israel dear must find a way to break through this wall on all realms, the wall of lies of the media for starts. We strive for harmony while they proclaim IN THE LIES THAT WE ARE THE INCITERS.


There is conflict in the world. Humanity is in a degraded state, scenes we never thought we would see at this time of the world. An innocent nation is attacked unprovoked. The world needs fixing, we need fixing. Here in Israel- we have been attacked unprovoked time after time and now Chamas is calling for attacks on all Jews all over the world- not only on this mountain but everywhere. Our army is strong, now our RUACH needs to strengthen. These birth pangs, painful and with anguish, will end in not only our physical birth. The world is witness to our delivery. We not only walk with the patter of tiny feet, but Malchut is rearing its head, we need to have a spiritual deliverance. The prophets therefore foretold what would be at a time such as now that we are miraculously living in- Isaiah 51/3- “God will make its deserts like Eden, its wastelands like the Garden of God.” We aren’t quite at the point where the entire world will know Him, but we are coming closer. Israel is 74 years old. The time has come to internalize just what a miracle it is in a superpower way. We have a deep political crisis here now, an aspect of a spiritual state that must be rectified. Before the Temple was built, the same state of affairs persisted AS NOW until God decided it was time for a prophet- from there it wasn’t too long before a king and leader was chosen and the Temple built. But over 350 years preceded this event. It took spiritual maturation. Israel is the world’s START UP NATION. Let’s pledge on this Yom Haatzmaut to start up by looking beyond what appears to be walls. There has always been a snake in the garden- now as we return to Eden- we need to stand up to it.

Inspire by standing with Israel at this pivotal time of history. Start by standing with us as we plow and plant, build and rebuild here in Itamar- for those who want to know more- please  get your friends to sign on our website and youtube channel at Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith/Friends of Itamar.

Shalom and may we hear good tidings- blessings to all our wonderful friends- we love you- Chag Sameyach! Leah


  • Miriam

    What inspiring words! We must continue to shout! Am Israel Chai! The people who are joined to HaShem we stand for good and not evil! Blessed be His Name!

  • AviGayle OHare

    HalleluYah we stand with Israel we are called to strengthen that which remains ; be a repairer of the Breech and a Light unto the nations Heni

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