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The Ark

It is 11 days now that we are mourning, churning, gathering. Usually my body temperature is hotter than most people. Today I burn. Even now as the autumn makes its way into the Middle East breathing a cooler breath unto the breathless, the clouds swirl into the horizon creating a cozy still climate, I sweat. Iron swords, red hot are preparing for a great war of reprisal. They sear now as they are being made, as our scars scald in this hot blaze. The Torah teaches -an eye for an eye- we have known war since Yishmael was born. The dead and lifeless now call to us, igniting a fire that we can only rise from. Incinerated Jews is not a new concept. The thing is, when a Jew views his identity as such with no sprout – he is lost. When the nations view our identity as such – they blunder.

We are in a new time.

We are in a biblical event.

In the still heat that surrounds the pupil of Hashem’s eye now- ISRAEL – We arise from the blaze. It is always safest in the eye of the tornado. We climb off the false concept that Rome embedded into the conscious of the world, that Israel has been replaced, that Israel is lost. Now we alight and light, Jews with M16s. Now we sharpen our weapons. Now we rise as the lion, melting away the assessment of us as the slain, we advance. Do not slip now Esav!

Under the hospitals of Gaza, the schools, regular places, is a place called the Metro. It is a vast tunnel under the ground where 40,000 soldiers of orc beasts prepare to behead innocent Jews. They hide like rats now as they cling to our hostages, as they cling to human shields. Do not foul-up now- this is an army. This is a war. This is an army of sub human barbarians.

The narrative even after the brutally murdered here on Itamar, even after shootings and anti-Semitic attacks on our people, and on our holy places desecrated is still NOT fixed. IFNotNOW, Jews for the enemy are marching now unto the White House asking to curb Israel’s response to the bludgeon, self-hating antisemites with prejudices against their own grandparents and what they prayed for. Even now, the size of hate is still misconstrued. The slip up here in this Black Sabbath is the gaffe of the mouth of the media, STILL. The “Progress” taught and teaches to love your enemy and hate your brother. Amalek breathes in every corner and it will come to burn you as well, as Shaul let Agag live and fell shortly after!

Now King David the warrior is this nation’s response.

Here in Israel, modern dogma of the most elite army generals of the past did not grasp the fact that the Palestinian Authority actually pays Hamas a third of its budget and allots salaries to terrorists who murder innocent Jews here in Judea and Samaria and everywhere in the world. The response to our plight here of suffered terrorism has caused me to catapult into the world to seek donations in order to protect our community, a vast rural area with many blind spots. You- Friends of Itamar answered the call at desperate times. You have been our anchor and our family. I want to personally thank you for not believing the lie, for being empathetic, nurturing and most of all for strengthening all of us here. You have enabled us to rise from horrific bereavement with our heads up and enabled us to heal.

You did not believe the lie.

Israel MUST do a complete restart. I won’t go into “I told you so”. It is too late.

Parshat Noah- focuses on an ark and the survivors of the world. It also hints at today’s events because all is forecasted from the day of creation and before. Hamas and Magog are mentioned in this portion. In juxtaposition to this evil stands the ark. Israel IS the ark. Those, both Jew and gentile who march against Israel now, who fumble in “moral” concepts like those of the generation of the flood might at the last moment scratch at the ark and beg to enter it, to NO AVAIL. Those who reacted to apathy to the blood of their brothers calling from the ground, the ark is firmly sealed now.

A deluge will come to quench this fire. It is coming fast. The rain begins to fall in Israel now.

עץ חיים היא למחזיקים בה “”- The Torah – Israel- is the tree of life! Her ways are ways pf pleasantness and her paths are paths of peace”. This call to arms IS the pathway to peace.

May all of our soldiers and hostages come home in peace. Blessings to you – Leah




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