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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog Shana Tova 5778

Leah’s Blog Shana Tova 5778

                        Shana Tova 5778


I had a flashback recently. It was of how this place looked thirty years ago. Honest to G-d- Desolation.  width= width= The








urgent territorial drive somewhere in me made me leave the throngs of people and excitement of New York City to come out here and claim it. So much birth growth and beauty was to be witnessed – It seems like a dream.

You probably think it began to flourish immediately. Well, it didn’t. Understaffed, this huge territory also had its share of enemies- natural ones like droughts, pests, and also the human enemy that came to rip out anything planted here. Finally FINALLY we began to push through. As this paradise began to finally reveal itself the sense of triumph in prized organic tomatoes width= and award winning vintage wine, peonies 

and asparagus was the tip of the iceberg in Hashem’s answer to any question anyone may have about prophecy coming true right here and right now. width= width=



Before blessing you I just want to thank you. You have helped me through hard times and when I say me I mean Itamar. With the coming New Year I would like to bless you and your families with a sweet and awesome New Year full of blessings and success.


This is a time for introspection and contemplation. It is a weighing of the scales also in our minds as we review this past year. How many times have we been tested and things didn’t go the way we wanted but we were blessed to finish the year and we’re all ok. This is a time to realize how much has been added to our lives in just this little time of 365 days! How Hashem has helped us through, This is a time to shed the weight of things that have presented themselves as obstacles whether natural, social, economic, emotional, physical, in every realm that we are tested in and now a time to set out on a new path where we feel first and foremost connected to Hashem and sanctifying our mission here in this life. It’s time to realize our great passions and dreams and aspirations are really for Him and His will. This New Year we will push even harder for revival. The foundation for all of what we ask for comes out of SHALOM- Peace. But I’m not referring to fake peace, a word so distorted- more than any other probably ever uttered on the face of this earth. I mean Peace in a drive covering all levels- within ourselves, our families, our neighborhoods, the world. But peace does not mean compromising your identity. Peace means keeping it whole.

There are very, very, very few Jewish people holding down the ancient and modern heart of Israel today. Real peace means that no –one can attack this heart of Hashem. No-one may dare forfeit it either. And that is why we are here. Therefore I have made it my life’s mission to stand as a watchwoman on the walls to fortify it. I want to take this opportunity to personally thank each and every one of you for your friendship, love, loyalty, and for knowing truth when everyone else in the world praised the emporer on his beautiful clothing and YOU KNEW BETTER! I want to thank you for your trust and commitment.. We have thankfully been able to complete some very important projects in the development of this vital area. Every project that has been completed is a testimony of your devotion to people that have put their lives at stake in order to safeguard this precious Land. We COULD NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!


A few months ago two amazing families and our dearest friends in Oklahoma, the Stalsworths and Dolls asked how they could plant trees here. After much deliberation about how to plan this, the project is finally under way. For those of you who would like to feel personally involved in planting a tree, bush, or flower and be part of a dedication that will be for my parents of blessed memory zt’l – the garden path project is under way: We will be focusing on the path leading to the synagogue and planting trees indigenous to Israel like olive and grapevine, bushes and pomegranates. It takes a lot to plant a garden path. We have to- Prepare the ground first strategically- Then clear it- fertilize it and bring soil- turn over, rake, buff up the ground, – Install infrastructure, fences, computerized irrigation system and then maintain it. width=  width=  width= For all of those who have a special penchant for planting trees in Israel- this is your project. I can see the towering stems growing skyward! Please earmark on your kind donation- Garden Path Project. Please tell your friends and loved ones. Any amount helps. BE BLESSED!

Shana Tova Umetukah- with LOVE and Blessings, Leah

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  • Charles and Miriam Stalsworth

    We are so excited to see this project, which was first in our hearts and now has come alive. We are so thankful to be be apart of this Garden Path Project. Shanah tovah dear friends.

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