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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog – Pesach 2024

Leah’s Blog – Pesach 2024

Pesach 2024

And as my dear mom of blessed memory would say, “April showers bring May flowers”. Before Pesach it always seems to get worse before it gets better. Messes pile up, yikes it’s looking even more disorderly than ever. The dust storm that landed in Israel today seems to be swooping out from behind our closets, from under our beds and from the top of every book in this house! As I face the grime of the oven, the places under our table where grubby but cute chubby sticky hands left their mark, and the weird crumbs that wedge their way into the cracks of the fridge shelves, I cave to the unkempt look. Just chalk it off to Pesach; if someone comes knocking on my door now. Yes ma’am you look rumpled!

These days chametz is piled high in a mound, smack on our counter. A mish mosh of food I begin to sift through, throwing out old expiratory dated relics from the back of the closet, gifting junk food gladly. We are not eating right these days. I don’t find it appetizing to graze on this, yet Pesach food has not yet been prepared- I haven’t opened our Pesach cookbooks yet even! Oysh, how many Oreos did I just pop into my mouth without thinking. What was I thinking?

We’re not exactly sleeping right either with all the hullabaloo going on as we zap the enemy yet they still keep coming from every direction. The more imminent threats are home grown barbarians roaming the hills and not far away from here. I’ve taken up to watching old “Friends” every night so I could find a forty minute distraction and just transmit to that cozy humorous ambience of the Manhattan of the 1990’s.This is also the time my allergies act up- thankful for Benadryl- it helps somewhat too. As Nisayone piles up on the frontlines and here too in this house, there is at the same time, a peaceful knowing that when Seder night comes- all will be in place.

Pesach is that event that forces you to take a flame and feather to check and burnt out all filth, all leaven, to make squeaky clean what you thought was ok but on closer inspection had spider webs and mustiness. This is the time we are slaving in our homes to wash and whiten and we get dirty doing so! Soon it will be fresh and pure, squeaky clean, in the micro and the macro.

This Pesach, Israel is experiencing a war like no other. We’ve stood up to our enemies with Hashem’s help in open miracles but also lost dear souls who went out to fight evil and gave their lives for Israel- HY”D. This Pesach we will set a place at the table for the hostages praying for their return to their families asap. We stand before many challenges like at no other time, yet in our core beings we know and understand ourselves better, as individuals and as a nation. The people that live here in Israel’s heartland are the peg that hold this country intact. That has been clarified as our borders have been evacuated. Our ancient historic legacy takes on new relevance.

When we read the Haggadah and review the narrative of leaving exile- the exile mindset takes on an even newer meaning for every Jew where ever he/she may be in the world. We are here preparing the ground for you. Even more motivated, like the budding trees now and the soon May flowers, Israel stands – astounding the world. Nature is budding, Israel is awakened- as promised.

Friends of Itamar would like to thank each and every one of you for being a part of our important mission here. We are on this TOGETHER! Special thanks to The Matzoh Fund- Alan Hirsch and all of you, who pulled off yet another incredible year of giving to so many worthy families that truly are deserving of this chesed.

Pesach Sameyach dearest friends – sending you BLESSINGS for a beautiful Chag -xoxoxoxoxo- Shabbat shalom, Leah


  • Anneke Freeland

    God bless you all. I am very much praying for all of you and Israel.

  • Martina

    Dear brave Leah, I wish you, your loved ones and the people of Israel Happy Passover. Chag Pesach Sameach! Since October 7th I pray for Israel every day ❤️🇮🇱💪

  • Desiree’ Reeves

    Shalom dear Itamar Mishpocha! As always Leah your blogs are straight from the heart and touches my heart so. We continue to pray for you all and our homeland during these times of war. Chag Pesach Semaech which I am so delighted We get to celebrate and know the truth now of being in Covenant with HaShem people:-) Shalom!!!

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