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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog Parashat Lech Licha 2023

Leah’s Blog Parashat Lech Licha 2023

Lech Lecha – October 2023

The biography of the Jewish people is what is known as the Bible. As events unfold, folds of time become revealed to us and teach us. Every portion of every week has messages for you. The interaction of events then and now have perpetual meaning for us as a people. We are graced with spiritual flashbacks; now intuition hits you in the face as Israel against all odds forms skin and tendons. There is a rhythm to the Torah. Its recital replicates all events of our people from the first kernel of Avraham Avinu who was told- “Lech lecha”-” Go to yourself.” The annals record nisayone– tests- tribulations and chronicles strong witness of faith in one G-d, the beginnings of a people in one land. Long ago, and today we return.

Lech Lecha.

The Torah is the wisdom the Jewish people. The Land of Israel, its destiny. Revelation depends of your perception. Vision and discernment has not always been in the hands of the many. Then comes cataclysmic events that decipher for the dull minded, that interpret for the fey, that clarifies for the ones that knew. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS.

Amalek has been through time echoing upon our story- a component weaved into the mussar and light we bring to the world. It is our antithesis. We must blot it out.

Just prior to Iron Swords, four iron swords were revealed in the caves above the Dead Sea. The Land of Israel is transmitting messages to us now. Archeologists have confirmed and validated the swords as well as iron and wood accessories of Roman origin dating back 1900 years. In a niche there in that cave north of Ein Gedi, south of Qumran were also wedged into hidden crannies coins of the Bar Kohkba Great Rebellion. These were swords reclaimed by Bar Kohkba and used against the enemy. Pieces of the past become revealed. What do they signify? This was a sunset time for our people as we were chased by Rome and dispersed, our horn fallen.

Before we can turn our swords into ploughshares we must fight the evil. Not skipping over military strategies, this is the mandate that the Jewish nation NOW must do. We fight not only the enemy beasts but take this historic opportunity to make a tectonic change that will have a major transformation on the twisted mindset that has seeped into the western world. It starts and ends with us here in Israel. If the remedy was “avoiding trouble” by holding back, keeping the beast at bay, and fireproofing by putting up a costly fence- this all proved to be false. If it assumed feeding the beast and building its hospitals, giving it gas food and supplies, – it collapsed. If it entailed throwing Jews out of their homes and putting up signs of DOVES and PEACE- this perished along with 1400 victims of men women and children in a slaughter more gruesome than we have ever known along with hundreds of our soldiers and police force who fought the battle heroically and fell. All concepts crumble. This is a Bar Kokhba moment. The sun rises though now. Our army must retrench, SWIFTLY, our media must abbreviate, all of our government institutions must revamp now- time is of the essence.

Now we hold the sword.

Remove the rust.

This is Israel’s moment.

Shabbat shalom to all of our dear friends, Leah


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