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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog – Parashat Ki Tavo 2023

Leah’s Blog – Parashat Ki Tavo 2023

Parshat Ki Tavo

Blessings and Curses are my view. People are astounded by it; some almost loose balance. When the sun is setting just beyond in the west, apricot light bounces off the curve of the Mount of Blessings as the Mount of the Curses sits in granite silence, it is easy especially then to remember the covenant of ETERNAL HERITAGE that took place here in ancient days with exactly the same sunset as now. Sometimes the view is of a scale, sometimes of shoulders, sometimes a doorpost, always of El Shaddai. Hashem has no image but he created this land with shapes and desires. There’s more to the picture than meets the eye as the battery of Eretz Yisrael is charged here, six tribes on one mountain, six on the other, the positive and negative charge. Ki Tavo- we declare our dedication to Hashem and Torah – we are blessed, when we turn our backs on educating the next generation sitting under the grapevine and fig tree and abandon Hashem’s mitzvoth, exile will surely come along with a list of tragedy and punishment, the natural consequence of lack of gratitude and faith. The message of this place thunders; it is here that Israel attained “a heart to know, eyes to see and ears to hear.” I often feel that the mountains remember, even now as they are covered with a different time, and the grey earth crumbles like an old distracted man.

The view extracts different moods depending on the time frame. In the Oslo Accord days when a great expanse of this area was handed over to terrorists who were even given guns that killed my Rabbi, neighbors and dear friends it tremored with grief. Slowly melancholy seeped into the mood and often a stillness would answer me, as if the mountains were indifferent to me. That would be the hardest as I actually witnessed the destruction of the actual walls of Joshua’s altar on Mount Eval, the ancient stone remnant ground into gravel to pave yet another road cut into the mountain’s side. The altar only remains intact because of the vigilance of residents here. The results of the desecration on numerous heritage sites here is staggering. Oslo brought about a complete withdrawal of Israeli rule over the cradle of our heritage. The idea to contest the horrific atrocity of Oslo could not be challenged as it happened since the media outlets at that time were all run by the left wing monopoly of the deep state. The government of Israel then allowed over 1,400 people to be murdered in the plan of Yaasar Arafat and his terrorist group to take over the integral portions of Israel’s heartland and cause such fear and devastation that the people that live here would give up.

Thank goodness- Baruch Hashem THAT DID NOT AND NEVER WILL HAPPEN!

Israel is always judged collectively. There will be those “satiated” and grown with zero Torah, zero Israelite identity, zero thankfulness to live in a generation of prophecy. They say “כוחי ועוצם ידי “- My strength and the strength of MY hand- Today too as you are probably following the news this same segment of people that have violently gripped unto these old ideas of capitulation and assimilation, far from Torah, far from Mount Gerizzim and its message are running a dwindling campaign against judicial reform. We were told then (in the Oslo days) this peace IS FOR YOU- but they were empty words and held nothing inside. Today these same people scream “Democracy” as they are the furthest from democracy angered that now we finally have a news channel (14) that talks about the faults of the Oslo Accords, and corrects reverse discrimination by exposing all the problems that have piled up in lieu of Oslo. In a sense, we are again in the stages of a painful birth- the birth of redemption which comes in pangs, clarifications only made here in this land as we are collected to it, again! The entire system here in modern Israel now needs an overhaul. The same pattern happened in our biblical past as the reign of power passed over from Shaul to David. But we live here as a nation- that can only be done in Israel!

The enemy’s vehemence is met with ours. As they come close and encroach on state land according to the Fayyad plan taking over swaths of area C, we here on the ground must act. We need your help more than ever in ensuring safe boundaries for Israel and a continuous settlement from the Jordan River to Tel Aviv. Help us as this time is critical. The flatlands, hills, valleys and mountains await blessings- NO MORE CURSES! THE VIEW IS OF HOPE AND FAITH, everlasting! Recharge the battery!

Shabbat Shalom, Leah



  • Brandee Stacy


  • Diane Devine

    Leah we are with you all and thank you for your perspective of truth! Miss you both! Dave and Diane Schuler (Pastor Gaspar trips)

  • Lois

    You are amazing as are your thoughts. You need to educate those that do not understand.

  • Laurie

    My heart is there with you. My prayers also. May Hashem wake up those asleep as we approach Yom Teruah. Thank you for your powerful words and your faithful deeds.

  • Sharon Miera


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