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Current EventsLeah’s blog October 2nd 2015 – They Kill We Build

Leah’s blog October 2nd 2015 – They Kill We Build

They Kill- We Build Sukkot 2015

Again, almost on the yartzeit of our Rabbi, HaRav Binyamin Herling HY”D who was killed on Har Eval on Hoshana Raba after the Tomb of Yosef HaTzaddik was desecrated destroyed and burnt 15 years ago- new beautiful souls were taken last night, murdered in front of the eyes of their 4 little children just outside our community, Itamar. How many déjà vu’s is this for us? We teach and emulate life- the monsters teach death. We teach to love the Land, the torah, Am Yisrael and the people of the world and they teach to hate and to do evil. It is hard to fathom. On the beautiful magical holiday of sukkot when all decorations glitter and the family sits together in that special ambience only Sukkot has, of the fresh new season of Autumn coming in, there are more orphans now that only see a blood stained car and the vision of their parents that will never return to them. Why does this happen we ask. Time and time again. How stupid are we? Can we really trust monsters to drive on our roads? Why open the roads to know such a thing can certainly happen? Just before the chag a family was driving right in the same place when a molotov cocktail was thrown into their car. Why take down the army barricades? To be nice to Abu Mazen? To pacify, to placate? You can’t calm a monster, the monster is a vicious creature that no gesture of good intent will ever satisfy.
There are those naïve kind of people that live in an urban center padded with people and say, “well, why live there? Why live in so dangerous a place? Why endanger all of us? Maybe fold up shop and retreat.” I say to those people that there is no place closer to “home” than this place- right here in the heart of our Land, the place that serves as the foundation stone of Israel, the place that in every direction you look you see and feel time connected from the way past to now as the redemption unfolds. They kill- build. We must overcome and we must have YOU support this. Help us man the lighthouse. Help us build and make it safer, make it better. Tell other people about us. Come and visit in droves. Blast the roads with your coming out to identify with the cause of a Jewish presence in the only Home the Jewish people have. Retreat is not an option as we plow forward to make Hashem’s word come to be. There are times we pray and there are times we act. Today we do both- the torah commands us. Please don’t turn your backs on your brothers and sisters trying to make it ready for you.
Shabbat Shalom    Chag Sameyach     Leah Goldsmith

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  • jason

    We are all watching things unfold from here in the States and praying for your success and for our quick and speedy redemption!

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