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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog Jerusalem Day 2020

Leah’s Blog Jerusalem Day 2020

Jerusalem Day – 2020

The bulk of you that have been reading my blog believe as I do that the Tanach is not just a history book. Even for me and the idealists that have come to live in Judea and Samaria, it’s refreshing to have a date that reminds us of the true perspective of the power of Am Yisrael bound as in days of old to Jerusalem our everlasting capital. The Tanach is not just stories of the past, but a continuation of living proof of prophecy coming true in the world we live in today. There were open miracles in the Tanach and there are open miracles today. The Tanach is our blueprint and our historical LIVING deed to the Land. Israel is the one of a kind of place and people; the question is- how does it fit in as a universal ideal in the international arena. This is for the nations to choose as we as individuals choose every day to be blessed or to be cursed by the outcome of our actions. And a light comes out of Zion that illuminates the entire world!

 As a Jewish woman that believes that we have a right to express and declare our very beings with returning to Zion, I did so. Describing the feeling I had as a four-year-old girl in New York listening to Jerusalem of Gold over and over again is no less than prophetic. It called to me. My life would be bound with hers. Hashem in His great kindness gave this opportunity to us fifty-three years ago when Israel was attacked from all sides but overcame the enemy and had a reconciliation with her long-lost bride. I think the time has come now that Israel should and must create and inaugurate a new chapter to this story, not just respond to attacks on her. We too have to choose, like any other nation in how to relate to Israel. As a world leader, it is a universal task as we take pride in our reputation as the lighthouse in actual a very dark time. Today there is a crazy juxtapose going on here. We are witness to the attack on Israel at the UN and other world organizations. Israel’s Heritage sites here in Judea and Samaria are in constant threat of demolition with the bulldozing of ancient Hasmonaean fortresses and the pillage of sacred burial sites. The illegal building intentionally being set up with the financing of the European Union with the sole intention of blocking a continuous flow of Jewish settlement from the Jordan Valley to the coast and the horrific arson attacks on our land. Israel doesn’t have to be afraid to set a new precedent and call its own shots while protecting her legacy. She should not have to acquiesce in fear of losing world support. She should grant full religious rights to all religions including our own (!) on our Temple Mount as well as other sacred places to Jews in our Land. The Tanach is a living book. Let’s keep it alive!

The heatwave that hit Israel this week left us in a Deja vu of last year exactly at this time before we gather the wheat. In the delirium of 94 degrees Fahrenheit we beheld a terrifying view of a circle of fire- points of arson literally surrounding us from east west north and south. Tens of intentional fires lit with one objective- to wreak havoc and destroy. We came back to Israel to fix and restore. Nothing will shake us from our roots and commitments. We know the world is suffering now but we need to secure the people that are securing the Homeland. “כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה”-Torah values teach that in times of difficulty we need to step up and help each other. I know even a small amount will bring you a great blessing. We have a long list of projects but now it really is the call of the hour. This is also a humanitarian issue that affects the livelihood of our farmers, the animals that live in this area as well as the people here on Itamar that need to be made more secure. I am enclosing a list of vital security projects we need done ASAP.- Let’s keep Eretz HaTanach alive and safe!

Thermal camera- the Defense Ministry of Israel will give 50% —- 40,000$

Barbed wire for fencing 8 kilometers— 10,000$

Tractor work along our fence in order to allow proper visual identification— 15,000$

Equipment for response team—–5,000$

Fire extinguishing equipment—– 12,000$

*****SECURITY TOW WAGON with equipment that can be taken to any location— 15,000$

Thank you friends and please spread the word about our 501c3 Friends of Itamar! We are happy to do dedications!

Yom Yerushalayim Sameyach and Shabbat shalom! Remember when we salute Jerusalem, we are here protecting it!!!!! Its burn or build! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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