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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog April 8th 2016

Leah’s Blog April 8th 2016

Leah’s Blog – April 9 2016

Have you seen how stunning it is out? So green and blooming – I must go into it. Still moist, the forest floor is alive with mushrooms and wildflowers, the trees, tall now form a canopy above my head. The mix of this intoxication with the old ancient rocks just waiting to tell a story really sets the mode for the theme of revival right here- right now-. To be living in it, wow. Everything is waking up, morphing , growing right before my eyes. Also in the hothouses the bees are delighted in the flowering broccoli, the first flowers of kale and the snow peas sprouting and boasting full bellies. The raspberry bushes that were cut down almost to the ground are waking up and the earth has been plowed and turned over – what buried treasures will they reveal? Yes, it is possible to leave the insanity of Pesach cleaning and come out and feel a living G-d.ברוקולי בפריחה

The seasons each have a specific message. This one is about coming out. It’s about the alive connection of never remaining dormant but moving on and being relevant – now as Hashem calls out to you and into an even more meaningful phase and mission in life. As a Jewish woman at this time of the world, in this place -after as a people all we have endured , I can only say thank You to being  returned home after a long exile, Exodus big time. Sometimes we personally have to jump into the water when it looks like we may drown, and then walk through the sea to get to the other side of only more challenges. The Exodus relies on Holy Chutzpah and some miracles.  In order to reach our Promised Land there are many stops along the way and when we finally reach what we have yearned for, only then does the work begin. This applies to us personally. The Exodus is the format, not just a fairy tale.

The Jewish people were created to lead history, to be an example of kindness and Mussar. That’s why Hashem set aside a special Land just for that, Israel as a people in Israel – the place. For my ancestors in the dark and middle ages, in the renaissance and even in modern times it was hard to hold your head up high. Today it is different. As we awaken and leave exile, physically and in state of mind we are standing erect whether the world chooses to recognize it or not (Kama Neetzava)- it is up to each nation to decide, for each individual to choose. Israel as a people and especially now returned to in their original Land were chosen not because they are better but because they have a task- to be a light unto the nations. If something is lacking in any country, whether it be knowledge in creating a drip system in the desert, technological advancements in science and health, or security related anti-terror methods needed right now- they know where they can turn to. Today you can literally choose to be blessed by Israel. The world is also thirsty for torah and it is being taught in places you probably wouldn’t believe like Japan the Phillipines and Nigeria.

There is a special blessing we say from the first day of Nissan, Birkat HaIlanot. It’s when you go out to a blossoming tree and bless on the buds of the tree:

“ברוך אתה ה, אלוקינו מלך העולם שלא חיסר בעולמו כלום וברא בו בריות טובות ואילנות טובות ליהנות בהם בני אדם.”

“Blessed are you Hashem, King of the world that made a world not lacking a thing and that You made wonderful creations and good trees in order for humankind to enjoy”. Go out- enjoy! This is the time.

(If Rosh Chodesh falls out on Shabbat like this year- then we wait till Sunday.)

Chodesh Tov! Shabbat Shalom! Leah


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