Itamar News Updates Sep 18th 2013

As the New Year Taf Shin Ayin Daled -5774- sets in for our amazing holiday season, Itamar would like to wish you all a fantastic new year with much health and happiness and success in all your endeavors. Let it be a year of peace and spiritual growth for all of us! Chag Sameah!


The community is in full swing getting ready for Succoth – what and amazing experience it is to see everyone deeply involved in their holiday preparations. People are buying Etrogs,IMG_7074 cutting branches and building their Succoth. IMG_7088



The holiday season is always a wonderful time to visit us. You can enjoy organic farms, amazing historic sites, and the hustle and bustle of families, guests and visitors having so much fun on the chag (holiday). We have rides for the children at the amazing petting farm, options to tour the hill tops and lookout points. Enjoy a falafel or pizza in our picnic areas, boutique winery, The Itamar Yeshivah Mishkan Ehud will be offering refreshments and fun activities for the children with a bunch of other activities as well.


We want to thank Hashem for the amazing blessings that he has bestowed upon our community.
Every day is a new day in Itamar as we see the rapid growth and development with various building projects going on in different areas. This year by Hanukah we hope to complete our synagogue project. G-d willing, with your continuous support and dedication we will raise the half a million dollars needed to finish the building.IMG_7095


Itamar welcomed many visitors over the last two weeks.


A special welcome to our dear friend Lisa Walker who came to spend the holiday season on Itamar. Lisa has been a friend our Itamar for many years and has been extremely helpful to our community. We wish her tremendous success in her decision to join the house of Israel. Lisa
will be sharing her journey in a short video that we will be presenting next


We welcomed Johh Ginzburg from Texas.IMG_7019

John volunteered working in the hot houses with one of our organic farmers – Aaron Gihan, Aaron is a former resident of Gush Katif.


Itamar welcomed our frequent visitors and dear friends Allan Nussbaum and Penina Arbesfeld from New York City this week. Allan and Penina love to show their appreciation to the IDF soldiers by spoiling them with baked goods and refreshing drinks.


In addition we hosted Kenneth Rosen and John FisherIMG_7109 who visited for the first time. They had a beautiful tour of the hills and enjoyed the exquisite mountain view of the Sartaba  which was one of the mountain tops where  torches were lit to signal the Jews throughout  Israel and across the Jordan river that  the new moon was declared  in Jerusalem


Itamar welcomed a very special couple Edith and Itamar Golderg from the USA and Germany that visited with us this week. They enjoyed their tour of the community and were very inspired by the majestic splendor of the community.  IMG_7091

Mazel Tov to Yishai and Tamar Malca family on the birth of a son.

 Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s lesson on the holiday where he explains the connection that the nations of the world have with the holiday of Succoth.

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